What is a Code Enforcement Officer?

A Code Enforcement Officer is someone who; 

  • Patrols the community identifying city code violations that do not meet the city code standard requirements of  the city ordinances.
  • Enforces city codes and regulations to make your city a better place to live. 
  • Responds to complaints.
  • Investigates and determines if a violation exists on the premises.
  • Notifies the occupant/property owner of a violation by leaving a door hanger/ by mail, or sometimes make a courtesy call. 
  • Reaches out to the owner/tenant/agent of the property as necessary.
  • Also, cuts and trims tree branches obstructing the stop sign or street names.
  • Stops Contractor's from completing any construction duties while working without a permit. .
  • Issue citations as necessary. All cases are reviewed and reconsidered before taking this path.

Our goal is to gain compliance by enforcing the codes.

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