Medical Care/Medications

Medical Care

Simple and Affordable Virtual Health Care – Revive Healthcare

Revive Health provides you the care you want, the medications you need, and supports your well-being with a simple, convenient, and affordable plan that is right for anyone.
This program provides:
- Virtual basic health care
- Free generic medications (over 425 included in membership)
Services include:
- 24/7 virtual urgent care
- Virtual primary care
- Virtual pediatric care
- Virtual mental health care
- Virtual physical therapy
- Virtual financial wellness
- Pharmacy care & prescriptions
- Wellness & health promotion
The membership starts at $28.50 per month for an individual. They offer other plans for people to choose from to meet additional health needs and cover more family members.


Phone: (888)220-6650

Charity Care of Northeast Methodist Hospital

As part of our mission, Methodist Healthcare provides care to patients without financial means to pay for hospital services. Care will be provided to all patients who present themselves for care at any Methodist Healthcare facility without regard to race, creed, color or national origin and who are classified as financially or medically indigent.

A financially indigent person is one who is uninsured or underinsured and is accepted for care with no obligation or discounted obligation to pay for services based on income and family size. The hospital uses poverty income guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to determine a person's eligibility for charity care.
 A medically indigent patient is a person whose medical and hospital bills after payment by third party payers exceeds 1O percent of the person's annual gross income and the person is unable to pay the remaining bill. Methodist Healthcare may consider other financial assets and liabilities of the patient when determining ability to pay.
 Financial assistance with respect to emergency and medically necessary care may be available to patients who do not qualify for state or federal assistance. In most cases, patients that fall below 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines based on total household income may receive 100 percent of their bill forgiven (subject to income verification/documentation requirements). In certain cases, other discounts ranging from 40 to 90 percent apply if the patient's total household income is over 200 percent and not more than 500 percent of the federal poverty guidelines.

Phone: (210)757-7000

Address: 12412 Judson Road, Live Oak, Tx 78233 


RACAP– Randolph Area Christian Assistance Program

Randolph Area Christian Assistance Program provides assistance to persons in the community who are in need.
Services offered include;
- Food
- Rent Assistance
- Prescription medications
- Utilities (electric, water & gas)


Phone: (210)658-1613

Address: 307 Pfeil Street, Schertz, Tx 78154 

Patient Assistance Program (PAP) for Medications – ASP Cares 

ASP Cares Pharmacy goal of PAPs is to provide financial assistance to help patients who don’t have insurance, or are underinsured and can’t afford their medication, access drugs for little or no cost.
This program provides:
- PAP research for Medications; Assistance to fill out application if available.
For individuals who think they may qualify, ASP Cares will work side-by-side to discuss your options and what requirements are needed to qualify for assistance.


Phone: (210)598-2678

Address:  818 East Grayson Street (Suite A), San Antonio, Tx, 78208