Code Compliance

Code Enforcement staff focuses on keeping the community a safe & clean environment.
It is a constant struggle to be efficient and effective. Together, with the participant of the residence and businesses, we can make this community a better place to live by following simple rules, "City Ordinances".

City ordinances also known as, "Municipal Codes" are the process of everyday living. They are intended to protect the health, safety, and  general welfare of the community. City ordinances regulate the maintenance of land within our city limits, and determine the conditions under which a city may operate or standardize the process of a safe & clean environment. 

City ordinances are written to provide livable neighborhoods in our city. Living in a safe and healthy environment increases property value, enhances your community, and decreases crime & blight.

The city contracts with Waste Management to provide a once a month bulk item pick up.  Please see BULK ITEMS page for more information.

  1. Odie Martinez

    Code Enforcement Officer Supervisor

  2. Timothy Abbott

  3. David Arce