Brush Pick-Up

Pick-Up Zones

A new brush chipping schedule is now in place for the  City. Converse residents are no longer required to call for brush pick-up. The city has been divided into four zones, and pick-up will be staggered throughout the year for each zone. Please view the Brush Pick-up Map to determine what zone you are in and then click on the Brush Pick-up Calendar to see when your pickup will be. You can also view the Brush Pick-Up Street name list to find your street name and determine your brush zone. Residents are required to put brush at the curb in front of their homes the Saturday/Sunday before pick-up week. No brush pile may be greater than 6 feet high, 10 feet long, and 6 feet deep.  TREE LIMBS ONLY - NO BANANA LEAVES, CACTUS, PALM LEAVES, TREE STUMPS, OR BAGS OF LEAVES.  If you have more than one pile to be collected, please stop by Public Works Department at 8711 Converse Business Court to fill out a form and pay $75.00 fee for each additional pile.

Out-of-Zone Brush Pick-Up

Brush pick-up is only for the one week listed, not for the whole month. If you wish to schedule a brush pick-up out of cycle, you may do so for a service charge of $75 per each additional pile.  The pile must not exceed the dimensions of 6 feet high, 10 feet long, and 6 feet deep.  If you are over 65 and receive the exemption with Bexar County Appraisal District, this service charge can be waived. In order for the service charge to be waived you will need to provide proof that you are the homeowner and receive the exemption from Bexar County Appraisal District. To obtain this information click on the either of hyperlinks to look up your property and print out the information. Once printed and have all brush cut, curbside, and ready for pick-up, please come to the Public Works Department to sign the Out of Zone Brush Pick-Up form. 

To sign up to have your brush picked up out of cycle please click on the OUT OF ZONE BRUSH PICKUP FORM link, fill out and email to  Payments may be paid over the phone at 210-659-9513 or in person at Public Works Department at 8711 Business Ct.  Once the payment is made, your pickup will be scheduled.  * We will NOT pickup until both the form and payment have been submitted.  Out of zone pickups are scheduled for Fridays. 

For senior citizens 65 and over please click on the SENIOR CITIZEN OUT OF ZONE BRUSH PICKUP FORM link, fill out and email to  Out of zone pickups are scheduled for Fridays.

  **Please note that if there isn't an active utility account for the address and/or if the utility account is not in your name you will not be able to schedule the pick-up**


Brush pick-up services are not available to commercial customers. Only Converse citizens are eligible for this service. If you do not receive a City of Converse water/garbage bill, then you are not within Converse city limits. Residents in Dover, Meadow Brook, and Spring Meadows subdivisions are not within Converse city limits, with the exception of the houses on Nature Trail in the front of the Dover subdivision.