Crime Safety Tips

Preventing Vehicle Burglary
Follow these tips to keep your car from getting stolen:
  • Hide your keys
  • Lock your car
  • Take your things
    • Don’t leave items in plain view
    • Don't leave your purse / laptop / GPS in your vehicle

Home Security Tips
The following tips can help you stay safe at home:
  • Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed
  • Know your neighbors
  • Lock your doors and don’t hide keys outdoors around the house
  • Use security lights

What Is Suspicious Behavior?
The following activities are considered suspicious and should be called into the Police Department:
  • Open doors or broken windows at a closed business or unoccupied residence
  • Parked and occupied vehicles containing more than one person, especially if seen at an unusual hour
  • People detaching valuable parts from vehicles
  • Sound of breaking glass
  • Vehicles being loaded with valuables

Report Suspicious Behavior
If you suspect anything that is out of the ordinary for your neighborhood, call the Police Department at (210) 658-2322. Even if you think it is meaningless, you could prevent a burglary!