New Station & Ladies Auxiliary

New Fire Station, Equipment & Members
Early in 1961, the site on which the new fire station now stands was purchased, along with a new fire truck at a cost of $12,654. In 1965, the decision was made to purchase a new booster truck for $9,066 and to dispose of the home­made one, although reluctantly. It was sold to the Abercrombe Ranch for $145, and at present, still serves its purpose. One of the biggest projects to date took place in 1969 - building the new three-truck fire station.

Since that night in January of 1952, 25 years passed, yet some of the original 23 are still among those men who continue to answer the siren's shrill, urgent call. Gratefully, however, they were gradually joined by newcomers to the community, who contributed as selflessly to the department and city for the next 25 years as those who manned the trucks during the first quarter-century.

Ladies Auxiliary
The success of an organization is many times enhanced by the help of an auxiliary. Such is the case in point here. The Ladies Auxiliary of the Fire Department has contributed time and effort to help raise funds to give the department necessary equipment. Each year, members help conduct the annual sausage supper and run a country store along with it. They meet on a monthly basis, ever hopeful of finding better means of serving the firefighters. They have sponsored educational programs for the community, aided community projects such as the Los Amigos program, helped serve refreshments at the dedication of the new Converse post office, and sponsored a sweet shoppe at the Night In Old Converse event for the last three years.

One of the most successful projects the ladies sponsored was a cookbook sale. Part of the town's history and many of the old picturesque scenes of the town were re-drawn by local artists into the cookbook. Sale of the book went beyond expectations - they have had to re-order these books for a third time. The auxiliary ladies have always had a burning desire to do their best in helping the Fire Department, and perhaps are morally and spiritually responsible for the safety of the firefighters' lives.

Additional Donations
Some of the vital equipment donated through the years to the department have included jackets, boots, a 15-minute breathing apparatus to help firefighters in a smoke-filled house, and two air masks, which allow firefighters 30 minutes of oxygen in a burning building. In the past two years, considerable cash donations have been made to the firefighters' treasury.