City Services

  1. Building

    Access the Building Department to find information on city codes and regulations, permits, and inspections.

  2. City Secretary

  3. Fire / EMS

    Learn about fire prevention and safety, department history, and the Converse Citizens Fire Academy.

  4. Library

    Get a library card, browse the library's collection of materials, or volunteer with the library.

  5. Police

    Learn about the Police Department's divisions, programs, and crime prevention services.

  6. Public Works

    View information about maintenance of the city's grounds, parks, and streets, or request a city service.

  7. Refuse Collection

    Find information on garbage and recycling collection as well as brush and bulk item pick-up.

  8. Water Utility - Billing

    Access information on connecting or disconnecting utility services, vehicle registrations, pet licenses, park rentals, etc.

  9. Water Utility Infrastructure

    Access information on city utility infrastructure and storm water operations.