Emergency Resources

GRASP - Greater Randolph Area Service Program Inc.

GRASP's Emergency Assistance program helps economically disadvantaged individuals, families, and children. We offer emergency assistance to those experiencing a household crisis.
 Services include:
 - Information, education, and referrals to local resources
 - Financial assistance for rent and utilities
 - Emergency food and clothing assistance
 - Financial education
 - Meal delivery to homebound elderly


Phone: (210)658-6351

Address: 250 Donalan Drive, Converse, Tx 

RACAP - Randolph Area Christian Assistance Program

Randolph Area Christian Assistance Program provides assistance to persons in the community who are in need.
 Services offered include;
 - Food
 - Rent Assistance
 - Prescription medications
 - Utilities (electric, water & gas)


Phone: (210)658-1613

Address: 307 Pfeil Street, Schertz, Tx

Texas Diaper Bank

The Texas Diaper Bank focuses on meeting one vital, yet often forgotten basic need that impacts the physical, mental and economic well-being of individuals: diapers.

Diapers are necessary healthcare products, but too costly for families in crisis. (Babies typically use 6-12 diapers daily, a monthly cost of $125/child.) Meanwhile, many federally-funded safety net programs, including Medicaid, WIC, and SNAP, do not subsidize diapers. Even if parents are working, childcare may be limited because most daycares require diapers.

And the diaper gap affects not only infants and toddlers, but also seniors. As the aging population increase, incontinence health issues also increase. One in three seniors will suffer from incontinence at some point.


Phone: (210)731-8118

Address: 1803 Grandstand Drive (#150), San Antonio, Tx