Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I sign up for the Defensive Driving/Drivers Safety Course option? Click here!

2. Do I qualify for the Deferred Disposition option? Click here to find out!

3. How long does court last? Court is unpredictable and may last several hours

4. How do I submit evidence/documents to the court? You may submit by email to 

5. How do I contest my citation? Appear on your assigned court date and speak with the Prosecutor

6. If I paid my citation online do I appear for court?  If it is your initial appearance and you waived your right to trial you do not have to appear. However, If you failed to comply with a previous judgment and need more time to comply you must appear for court.

7. What if my hearing is set on or after 03/01/2023?  You must appear in person on or before your court date at 402 S. Seguin rd. Converse, TX 78109.