Utility Systems Operations


The Water / Wastewater Department is responsible for maintaining uninterrupted clean, safe drinking water and collecting wastewater. Our goal is to provide our Converse customers with responsive, courteous, and professional services.


The department consists of 18 employees who work hard to ensure the quality of our drinking water. Public drinking water is provided from four deep wells located within the city. Last year, we pumped more than 463 million gallons to meet customer needs.


Our department has consistently met or exceeded the highest standards set by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), and we are very proud of our state-designated superior water system. The city adds fluoride to the water. This and chlorine disinfectant are the only two additives to the naturally pure aquifer water produced by the Edwards Aquifer and pumped throughout the city.

News to Read

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Newsletters from TCEQ that have helpful hints and suggestions on many subjects, including water conservation and irrigation.