Animal Control

Converse Animal Control (210) 658-2322

If your pet is picked up by Converse Animal Control, they will be transported and housed at the

City of Live Oak Animal Care and Control
8001 Shin Oak Drive
Live Oak, Texas 78233
(210)653-9140 ext. 228

All animals transported to the Live Oak facility are posted on 
Animals are only held for 7 days before they become property of the City of Live Oak.


According to the Converse Code of Ordinances, all dogs and cats over four months of age kept, harbored, or maintained by their owners or keepers in the city shall be licensed and registered. A written application for a license must be submitted within seven days of:
  • Establishing a residence in the city as a pet owner
  • Having a puppy or kitten that reaches the age of four months
  • Obtaining a dog or cat over four months of age

Rabies Vaccination

All dogs and cats must have current rabies vaccinations. Owners are required to show a proof of vaccination certification with a veterinarian’s signature.

Permit Fees

Permits may be obtained from the Water Billing Department:
407 S. Seguin
Converse, Texas 78109

Fees for permits are as follows.

Pet Type
Yearly Rate
Lifetime Rate
Non-spayed / non-neutered $5
Spayed / neutered $3