Checkout Policies

Checkout Policies

The loan period for books/audio books is 3-weeks. The loan period for most movies is 1-week. We allow two weeks for multiple discs. Please look at your receipt for due dates.

All cards can have:

  • 10 items total 
  • limit of 3 DVDs
  • limit of 3 Audio Books

Late Fees

Length of Checkout
Late Fee (Per Day)
Adult books 21 days
Audio books on CD
21 days
Children's books 21 days
7 days


You may renew checked-out items in the following ways:
  • By phone at (210) 659-4160
  • In person at the library, which is located at:
    601 S. Seguin
    Converse, TX 78109
  • Online
  • By text at 210-622-2485 just type in "renew all"
  • One renewal per 3-week loan period.