Payment Information

Payment Methods

Please allow up to 5 business days for court processing of your citation. ONLY the defendant or the defendant's attorney can appear for the citation. You may pay by cash, money order, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express. (A 4% fee will be added to all credit/debit card transactions)  If you pay your citation before your scheduled court date, you do not have to appear in court.

How to Pay

You may pay in person:
at the Courts Business office (inside the two story City Hall Building)
406 S. Seguin Rd.
Monday through Friday
8:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M.

By mail:
Converse Municipal Court
406 S. Seguin Rd. 
Converse, TX 78109

Pay Your Citation Here.
(Please Note: There is a 4% credit card processing fee.)

If you pay online, you will be convicted of the offense for which you paid. Requests for defensive driving, may be made by mail or in person."

After hours/drop box:
The night drop box is located in the Justice Center parking lot  across from the two story City Hall Building. Please use a sealed envelope clearly marked "Municipal Court" and include your ticket or driver’s license number and your name CLEARLY PRINTED on your money order when paying by drop box. 

Payment Plans

If you need a payment plan, you may request it prior to your court date OR from the Judge at your court appearance. as of January 1, 2020 Article 102.030 Code of Criminal Procedures states,  that the court is required to collect a $15 fee from A person convicted of a misdemeanor and pays any part of the fine, court costs, restitution, or another reimbursement fee on or after the 31st day after the date of judgment is entered.  This will be applied to fines on the 31st day. If you only need 30 days to pay, this fee will not be charged.

Any violations prior to January 1, 2020 will be charged the $25.00 time payment fee set by Senate Bill 1417.

Adds Subchapter K to VTCA Govt. Code Chapter 51) ****

Important Information
We urge you to contact the Court if you are unable to pay the amount owed without undue hardship to yourself or your dependents. You may request a hearing before a Judge to consider your ability to pay and request any non-monetary compliance options available to you. You should be prepared to explain and document your financial situation to the Court.

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